Monday, September 26, 2011

Back from Vegas!

Hello everyone!  Boy am I tired.  Just got back from the Cricut Circle Meet-Up in Vegas this weekend.  We had soooo much fun!  Here are a few pictures:

Here we are to start off the weekend with a fabulous Mexican fiesta on Thursday afternoon.  Cheers!

This is a group shot of us at the Private Scrap Party on friday...proudly wearing our Cricut green of course :)

This is a group shot from the Saturday Meet-Up.

These are all of the calling cards I collected.  I think there might be a few missing - my room is a total mess right now LOL.

These are a few different treats that my fellow Circlets made.  A few of them didn't make home and aren't in this picture, but boy were they yummy!

These are all of the pins I collected in the pin swap.  It's so fun to see all the different creativity.

And here are a couple of gifts from our wonderful hostess Angie.  You should see the bracelet in's the perfect Cricut Circle accessory!

And last but definitely not least, here we are at the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign...which didn't make it into this picture LOL because we got distracted by these very cute gentlemen from England who were in Las Vegas for a bachelor party.  Details you ask.  I'm sorry, but "what happens in Vegas - stays in Vegas"  ;)

See you again soon.  Until then...have a great week!



Glora said...

Wow, looks like it was a blast!!!! Thanks for sharing pics!!! Hugs- Glora

Mel said...

I should have runaway to Vegas, looks like you all has such fun. That is the best Vegas sign picture, LOL

Rita said...

Looks like I missed out on a lot! Thank you so much for attending the lunch on Thursday it was great to meet you in person.

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