Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More BLOG AWARDS.....yippeeee!

Hello everyone!  I've fallen behind in some of my blog duties and responding to comments...sorry about that.  So as I was catching up....I discovered that I had been given 2 more blog awards.

The first is the "A Thing Of Beauty Award" from Rexann - a fellow Cricut Circle member.  Make sure and head on over to her blog at I Be Circled and leave her some love!

And the second is "The Irresistbly Sweet Blog Award" from Sheila - another fellow Cricut Circle member.  You have to stop by her blog She's a Sassy Lady...she has some great step by step tutorials that you will just love!

A big THANK YOU to both Rexann & Sheila.  It was so sweet of you...I am very honored...especially since my little blog is not even 6 months old yet!  :)

Now, in order to accept these awards - I need to tell you some things about myself and then pass the awards on to some fellow bloggers.

About me:

1.  My bff thinks this is funny...I've never had a Pop Tart or a Churro (they are on my Bucket List LOL) and I only just had my first corn dog at the Creative Critterz Stampede in Dallas a few months ago.

2.  I've recently decided that my all time FAVORITE book/movie series is HARRY POTTER!!!  (Don't ya just wish you could spend a whole day at Hogwarts?!?!)

3.  COKE (sorry pepsi LOL)

4.  I love almost ALL sports (except for maybe boxing and hockey...don't care for all the fighting)

5.  And...I'm not sure about you all....but I think I tend to spend more time "organizing" my craft room rather than creating in it LOL

Now, it's time to pass these awards onto some very deserving bloggers:

For the "A Thing of Beauty Award" ---  I pass this on to:

1.  http://candyscraftcorner.blogspot.com/    ~  Candy made the most beautiful Christmas/Ornament card recently...it's just gorgeous, you have to go check it out!

2.  http://thecraftycreationspot.blogspot.com/  ~  Sandy has the most beautiful blog...I just love the design....and her projects are great too!

And for the "Irrestibly Sweet Blog Award" ---  I pass this on to:

1.  http://mypaperlove.blogspot.com/  ~  Shelly has some super cute projects...you gotta take a peek!

2.  http://thecricutbug.blogspot.com/  ~  GiGi has one of my favorite blogs!!!  Her projects are the absolute cutest!!!

3.  http://samanthacasey.blogspot.com/  ~  Samantha is my favorite PKS designer...I'm always looking forward to what she comes up with next!

Thanks again to Rexann & Sheila!  And make sure you all head on over and take a peek at these very deserving blogs.  Even though it's lots of fun...I have learned just how much work goes into running a blog...so make sure and leave them some love!

See you all next time!



Candy said...

Thanks sooo much Cassandra! So sweet of you. This is my first award. I am so excited.

Sandy S. said...

Hi Cassandra,
Thanks so much for the "A thing of Beauty Award".... very honored! Thanks! Love your blog and your creations. Following now and look forward to seeing more of your work!

Happy Crafting!

GiGi said...

Thank you so much for the award and sweet comment about me! I truely appreciate it! I am now following you!

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